Marriott International is acting on The Fair Work Commission’s mandated wage increase for award workers three months ahead of schedule – a move that will see 2,500 of its employees receive a 4.6% pay rise from July 1.

The Commission’s mandated wage increase come into effect for the hospitality industry from October 1.

“Marriott International operates under a ‘people-first’ culture, our priority has always been and will continue to be our Associates,” said Marriott International Area Vice President Australia, New Zealand and Pacific, Sean Hunt.

“We operate on the ethos of if we take care of our Associates, they in turn will take care of our guests.”

All workers who receive award wages above $869.60 per week will receive a 4.6% increase, while those who earn below $869.60 per week will receive a $40 per week increase.

Hunt says it has “never been more important” for the hospitality industry to retain and attract new talent.

“Marriott invests heavily in people and culture to ensure they are ready to lead and thrive in the renewed environment post the devastating effects of the global pandemic – the hotel and hospitality industry being one of the hardest hit,” Hunt added.

Marriott International employs 3,300 people across Australia and is currently recruiting for 400 positions across a range of departments including food and beverage, guest services, reservations, housekeeping, spa, engineering, administration, marketing, finance and more. All vacant positions that equate to award wages will be eligible for the 4.6% increase from July 1.

Earlier this year, Marriott strengthened its employee retention efforts with launch of Life with the Works – a program that offers flexibile personal and professional development opportunities.

The company is also making strides to promote diversity and inclusion in the business. Currently, 21 out of Marriott’s 59 property associates in ANZP are women leaders and 42% its on-property leaders are female.