Seedling Sole are natural, plant-based and 100% biodegradable slippers that can be worn with pleasure, and thoughtfully discarded afterwards into the compost where they will leave no harmful trace and completely decompose. 

Gentle on the Earth and feet, the slippers offer the perfect combination of sustainable fabrics for a lovely lightweight slipper that works in harmony with the world and adds a touch of luxury to your stay.

From field to foot, the sole of the slippers is made from flax, a diverse and sustainable source that grows in abundance with very little water and help from the sun. In addition, one hectare of planted flax absorbs more than 3.7 metric tons of CO2, which is why flax is called the fiber of the future. The upper material is made from unbleached linen, one of the world’s oldest and most versatile natural materials that is spun from flax fibers. Environmentally friendly with a soft touch, the seedling slipper upper is breathable, odourless and gentle on the skin.

With a luxurious and organic feel, our hope is that the Seedling Sole will be seen as a beautiful keepsake that’s taken home and worn as a memory of your guests stay.

It’s time to create a better world, one small step at a time… will you walk with us?

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