RACV Clubs & Resorts have ten locations across Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. Fine dining, spa treatments and a broad range of accommodation options are just a few of the reasons their resorts are well-loved and have been awarded year after year.

With numerous sites across Australia, including hotels and fine dining restaurants, Lavazza’s ability to provide a versatile portfolio of coffee solutions was key in becoming a coffee solutions partner to RACV a few years ago. With a business need for back-of-house bulk brewers, barista operated coffee carts and automatic bean to cup machines at the breakfast buffet, RACV needed a supplier who could do it all. 

Not only did Lavazza need to have the equipment and portfolio to service many different coffee occasions, RACV Operation Coordinator, Andy Hodgson points out that the RACV’s coffee partner needs to be able to provide a consistent cup of coffee that everyone enjoys. “It’s quite rare that you get a bad Lavazza coffee. That ability to be able to consistently deliver a signature type coffee which is palatable to just about everybody was pretty important.”

Once the equipment had been installed, a comprehensive training program was undertaken to train staff, ensuring ‘in-cup quality’ was consistently high.

“We need to be able to train people to a high standard, and then ensure that standard is consistently delivered,” Andy explains. Andy says this training continues today, an important factor given the amount of employee churn in the hospitality industry. 

“Each quarter, one or two of the Lavazza trainers will go to a site and test staff to see how well they make the coffee. And then on the back of that, they’ll run some training for any new staff and if they’ve identified some areas where people can improve they’ll run some improvement training as well,” says Andy.

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