Create a consistent, high-quality breakfast experience for your guests, regardless of your staff experience. With the RATIONAL iCombi Pro, you can confidently offer a hot breakfast served on time, on demand and of high quality.

Whether you cater to the leisurely holiday visitor or the time-poor business guest, breakfast can start their day right if done well. That means hot toast, crispy bacon and freshly scrambled eggs. Often breakfast will be their last memory of your establishment. So, breakfast can ultimately affect their overall satisfaction with your hotel.

You can offer a quality, consistent, freshly cooked breakfast with the RATIONAL iCombi Pro. Even if you’re short on space or staff, freshly cooked meals are achievable at a high volume. A RATIONAL iCombi Pro is an investment, as you’ll offer another revenue stream, save on staff and increase bookings due to higher customer satisfaction.

The iProductionManager allows staff to mix the planning and loading of meals, without affecting quality. Breakfast components can be prepared simultaneously on-demand, with each tray individually monitored. This means your meals are of a consistently high standard, regardless of the experience of your staff. The iProductionManager organises the entire production process, from which products can be prepared together, meal sequencing to loading and unloading of dishes.

The RATIONAL iCombi Pro replaces grills and fryers, saving you space and labour. The menu is pre-programmed. So, a staff member simply presses a button for a particular meal. This smart technology automates the cooking of each menu item, increasing efficiency in your kitchen and reducing waste. Cooking time is faster than conventional cooking methods and energy is also saved.

Our RATIONAL Chefs can support you in creating your breakfast menu in line with your clientele.

Contact Comcater for more information or to book a demonstration – email,phone 1300 309 262 or visit RATIONAL.