Fairmont Leura whiskey tavern
Jerry Schwartz at Two Doctors Whiskey Tavern

Fairmont Resort and Spa Blue Mountains has delved into the distillery trade with a new whiskey bar opening for guests and visitors which will produce its own signature single-malt variety.

Dubbed ‘Two Doctors Whiskey Tavern’, the venue sits within the basement levels of the resort and features an extensive menu of local and international whiskeys alongside its own blend. The venue will also serve sustainably sourced and produced cocktails utilising Australian spirits and native ingredients.

Fairmont Leura whiskey tavern
The single-malt whiskey has been in development for six years and is almost ready to be bottled.

The bar will also offer guests a selection of food items and share plates including smoked beef tartare and classic pub-style meals such as steaks, ‘smash’ burgers, chicken wings along with a hearty dessert menu.

Headlining the venue is the six-year-old ‘Two Doctors’ whiskey which is nearing the bottling stage and will be introduced to the market both in-house and externally in 2022. The creation comes as a joint project of hotel owner, Dr Jerry Schwartz, alongside fellow Sydney doctor, Professor John Rasko.

Dr Schwartz said the project to create a single-malt whiskey was inspired by Professor Rasko’s interest in creating a whiskey from scratch coupled with his own passion for quality libations stemmed from his own brewery in the Hunter Valley.

Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains

“Expert barrel tastings of the Two Doctors whiskey have been universally praised and reflect both the investment we’ve made in the process and John Rasko’s passion and skills,” Dr Schwartz said.

“What will set Two Doctors whiskey apart is that most ‘new world’ distilleries start their process with gin, vodka or rum so that they can get an early return on investment. But we are focusing exclusively on single malt whiskey and we have filled some 200 hogsheads over the past seven years. No other distillery in Australia is likely to invest such high levels of dedication and patience into their whiskey.”

The Two Doctors tavern has been decorated with a variety of medical items as furnishings, with the humorous market positioning of the bar as being more fun than a visit to the usual doctor’s office.