Pullman Brisbane introduces 'iRoller'
The Pullman 'iRoller' allows delegates to maintain a physical presence in the room without actually being there.

Who needs artificial intelligence when you can simply inhabit a robot yourself?

We’ve all no doubt imagined at some point in our lives what it would be like to be a robot. Well, two Accor properties in Brisbane have unveiled an innovative way for meeting and event delegates unable to physically be in the room to instead…be in the room.

After many months in lockdowns of various lengths and Zoom fatigue very much creating a desire to return to in-person events, the dual-branded Pullman and Mercure Brisbane King George Square has introduced the ‘iRoller’ enabling conference delegates to essentially occupy a rolling device and take their virtual presence to a new level and mingle with fellow delegates remotely.

Pullman Brisbane introduces 'iRoller'
Delegates are visible via their remote presence and can be interacted with almost as normal.

The iRoller is provided by technology company Telein, priced from AUD$850 per unit, and is a Segway-like podium on wheels with a tablet device attached at head height featuring the delegate’s face. From their home base using easy-to-use controls, the delegate can navigate the room with 360-degree functionality, viewing everything ahead of them just as they would if they were physically attending, mingling with colleagues and clients and holding spontaneous conversations. And all without disrupting the line at the refreshments tables during morning tea.

“The launch of the iRoller was a logical step for us to cater to the changing demands and needs of our guests. We have all become accustomed to video calls and meetings to connect with colleagues, clients, and family regardless of location, and the iRoller takes that to the next level,” said Pullman and Mercure Brisbane King George Square General Manager, Michael Daviss.

Pullman Brisbane introduces 'iRoller'
The iRoller is available from the hotel subject to availability.

“Pullman is committed to staying at the forefront of what helps our entrepreneurial clients and MICE guests continue to succeed and launching the iRoller is a demonstration of that.”

The device can also be used for remote meetings, site inspections and even social gatherings. Perhaps as an added bonus, the iRoller means there is no longer any concern about losing your balance if you’ve had one too many drinks at the after-party…