Employers will be able to connect with eager workers under new programs being launched by the Accommodation Association.

Two new innovative programs developed by the Accommodation Association are set to launch next week, aimed at significantly boosting the number of people available and willing to work in the hospitality sector around Australia.

The ‘go live’ button will be pressed next week on ‘The Hub’, an online portal connecting job seekers and consultants with employers designed to streamline the employment process. The platform will feature a jobs board for available opportunities along with necessary forms and tools to expedite the recruitment process and get new hands on deck and starting as quickly as possible.

Another initiative launching next week is ‘The Gappa’. Aimed at school leavers considering a break between secondary study and tertiary, the program will encourage them to take this gap year in Australia and make money while broadening their horizons and working anywhere in the country.

Accom Association job-seeker goals
The Gappa will encourage school leavers seeking a break to instead earn money anywhere in Australia.

With the number of available jobs in the sector ballooning from 84,376 to 93,395 in 10 days and rising fast, all estimations point to more than 100,000 vacancies needing filling by next week.

Accommodation Association President, Leanne Harwood, said her journey in the hospitality industry began with her pouring beers in a pub in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“This industry has given me a lifelong career where I’ve had the opportunity to live in 13 different cities around the world and to slowly but surely make my way up to Managing Director [at IHG Hotels and Resorts] for this large international company, all without any tertiary qualifications.

Accommodation Association President, Leanne Harwood.

“That’s what this industry can do for people. I’m passionate about bringing people who haven’t had opportunities into our industry and showing them that there is a way to create a future and a great career within our amazing hospitality industry.”

Federal Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services, Luke Howarth, said the economy is opening up and many more jobs would continue to be created.

“The Accommodation Association is working with our Department to bring these vacancies to job seekers,” Minister Howarth said.

“This is about ensuring we’ve got real jobs that job seekers can go into and be confident of the outcome. If anyone unemployed hasn’t considered a career in hospitality, now is the time to do so.”

Accom Association job-seeker goals
Workers can learn new skills and through hard work, embark on a hugely rewarding career.

The two new programs spearheaded by the Accommodation Association are in addition to existing programs including its pre-employment training scheme which recently secured an AUD$1.1 million grant from the Federal Government to connect interns with employers. Under the Pathway Partnership, interns receive two weeks of training prior to a four-week internship with an employer that suits their location, skill level and work preferences.

Also continuing is the Association’s ‘Train2Earn’ program which consists of a three-day rapid training program coupled with a job interview at the end. This program is currently delivering a 94% success rate in employment outcomes.