Wi-Fi and online connectivity form the backbone of virtually any modern business but for hotels and resorts, it can make or break the guest experience. With reputations and revenue at stake, don’t let slow speeds, dropped connections or Wi-Fi dead spots get in the way of your guests achieving the enjoyable, seamless and hassle-free online experience they expect.  

At Liveport, our industry-leading team of network experts are dedicated to serving the full connectivity needs of today’s increasingly demanding hospitality environments. Suffering from low review scores due to the dissatisfying online experiences of guests? Let our experienced technicians perform a no-obligation site survey to identify the root cause of your property’s Wi-Fi network issues. Using cutting-edge heat maps and a building’s schematics, Liveport expertise can effortlessly provide an easy-to-understand and fully comprehensive visual analysis of exactly what needs to be mended or implemented before any installation fee is agreed on. Our goal is always to offer complete transparency and ensure that any hardware installation is only performed according to project needs and expectations.

With effective network and online traffic management also key to maintaining a consistently smooth and fast online experience, Liveport also equips hoteliers with the latest in access gateway technology that can address the needs of even the most bandwidth intensive properties. Using the Liveport Access Gateway, hotels can ensure that all network users receive their fair share of bandwidth and can automatically isolate excessive users in order to modify consumption rates. An all-in-one solution, the Liveport Access Gateway can also be used for secure centralised billing, cutting-edge firewall protection and even serves as a custom advertising engine to drive increased revenue growth.

Backed by 24/7 Liveport support, our industry-leading technology is your hotel’s ultimate solution to meeting the increasingly high guest expectations of today and tomorrow.


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