Crystalbrook Albion will plant a native Australian tree for each guest that stays during Sustainability Month.

Full-time staff working across the Crystalbrook Collection in Australia have been granted an additional day of paid leave each year to use to engage in advocacy, engagement or education on climate and sustainability efforts.

Launched as part of Crystalbrook Sustainability Month, the extra day of leave on top of personal allowances has been labelled ‘Earth Advocacy Day’ and encourages staff to undertake climate-positive activities either in their local community or on a broader scale such as joining a protest either on a local or larger scale, in line with public health guidelines.

Crystalbrook Collection CEO, Geoff York.

When booking their Earth Advocacy Day, staff must detail what activity they intend to participate in, however Crystalbrook Collection CEO, Geoff York, said the company will keep a very broad and open mind as to what this is day is spent doing and will accept all activities that can enhance the environment to ensure as many staff as possible are out there doing their part.

“So far, we’ve had staff doing research trips out to the Great Barrier Reef, eco-friendly viticulture training in Hunter Valley, beach clean-ups and reforestation projects,” York said.

“Our team at Crystalbrook Byron are currently planning a groupwide rainforest clean up. I’ve had a couple of staff tell me they’re holding on to their day in order to attend climate rallies once everything reopens and it’s safe to do so. It’s really up to the individual. My message to our team is just ensure you make use of the day and everyone wins.

Crystalbrook Byron maintains its own beehives and harvests the honey made.

“We’re always looking for new ways to encourage climate activism across our team.”

York said the company’s strong environmental stance has proven to be a powerful recruitment tool, with the company able to attract new, youthful and passionate individuals eager to join a company that reflects their own social and environmental values. He said this has significantly helped the company navigate a difficult employment market.

“It’s a reoccurring theme in our employment research that staff want to work for businesses with an environmental conscience,” York said.

Guests at Bailey can access bicycles to explore Cairns at their leisure.

Properties across the Crystalbrook network are currently engaged in a variety of local environmental initiatives as part of Sustainability Month. These include the Cairns-based trio of resorts – Riley, Bailey and Flynn – which have together launched ‘Footprint Free Stays’ and are incentivising guests to have a waste-free stay, rewarded with a daily AUD$15 restaurant and bar credit by reusing towels and linen during their time in-house.

At the group’s newest location, Crystalbrook Vincent in Brisbane, the hotel is working towards zero landfill from its kitchens by repurposing items such as banana skin into slow-release liquid fertiliser for the plants in the hotel’s gardens.

“Our Crystalbrook team know the workings of our hotels and resorts inside out so who better to ask for ideas. We’ve also just partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every new employee to help Australian reforestation,” York said.