The new Tourism Australia campaign includes a range of digital assets which can be downloaded from its website.

Tourism Australia has launched a new campaign supporting the travel industry in which it is encouraging everyone associated with the sector to receive their vaccination against COVID-19 in an effort to help end the pandemic.

The new push, dubbed ‘It’s our best shot for travel’, is the latest in several pro-vaccination campaigns being run by various sections of the industry. Vaccination has been identified as a critical requirement before state and federal governments will consider opening national and international borders to help the industry recover.

The campaign will include a variety of social media toolkits and assets that can be applied to personal and business pages and will be backed by advertising in major newspapers and media outlets around Australia.

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Phillipa Harrison.

Speaking on a webinar, Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison said the campaign was about supporting the travel industry by getting vaccinated and allowing the country and the world to travel in and around Australia once again.

“[But] we just want to make sure that the groundswell of voices encouraging people to get vaccinated so we can get back to our way of life which involves traveling and seeing family and friends and reconnecting, again, is by getting yourself vaccinated,” Harrison said.

“So, I really do welcome your support for this and as always, your feedback on how we can get this conversation going and get ourselves to 80 [percent] as soon as we possibly can.”

The COVID-19 vaccine push is ramping up, with the race now on to get to 80% and higher.

The campaign launch was swiftly supported by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC), with Managing Director Peter Shelley saying tourism businesses nationwide were in limbo without visitors and the only solution was for Australians to get vaccinated.

“We welcome this positive initiative which will be well received and adopted broadly throughout tourism businesses nationwide,” Shelley said.

“Vaccination is the only way we will be able to enjoy travel in Australia and internationally and to welcome back our international visitors and see our friends and family once again.”

Tourism Accommodation Australia has also recently ramped up its pro-vaccination messaging, urging all Australian states and territories to vaccinate all quarantine hotel staff nationwide.