HoneyBadger is happy to announce a strategic partnership for Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Singapore with globally approved WiFi provider – Airangel.

Airangel supplies SaaS to some of the world’s largest Hospitality brands and guarantees the WiFi experience for guests as well as delivering Compliance, Productivity and Insights.

As part of the HoneyBadger Technology experience your hotel will have a globally approved solution that will deliver a seamless experience from the roof to the room.

Features include

Next Generation Hotspot

Hotspot 2.0 is a turn-key end-to-end solution that gives your guests a frictionless, portal-less, way to access your secure guest network.  Your guests only need to download a one-time profile to their device and they are online. No need to re-authenticate or search for the correct SSID, your guest will automatically authenticate as soon as they enter the property.


This is a new industry standard that offers guests and visitors the chance to roam outside of your brand estate with the possibility to generate revenue through Sim Offloading.

Network Security and compliance

GDPR, Lawful intercept & Privacy by Design

Conference Management – live, hybrid or online

Events can be created on the fly for last-minute conferences or set up months in advance to spin up exactly when they’re needed. Bandwidth can be prioritized to ensure that those that need it most. Organizers receive their own dashboard, to see what’s happening during the event, and receive a post-event summary.

Your Guest’s Journey with HoneyBadger and Airangel will be an enjoyable and seamless one.

The platform has been continuously developed and improved to meet the needs of global top-tier brands and at HoneyBadger we continue to innovate and collaborate with premier providers in their field in order to deliver the best guest experience possible.

Airangel powerful API allows integration with a multitude of external services, such as feedback, loyalty and marketing CRMs. Guests can login using their external loyalty login credentials and can be rewarded for their loyalty with additional benefits.

Working with HoneyBadger Technologies and Airangel, your hotel can gain access to a multitude of tools that will improve both your guest and resident experience and the security and compliance of your brand.

For more information contact:

Peter Ollerton e: peter@honeybadger.tech or

Swashna Deo e: swashna@honeybadger.tech