Permanent employees at The Star can now access 16 weeks of paid leave to bond with new family arrivals.

Additional parental and carer leave entitlements beyond government-mandated requirements have been introduced by The Star Entertainment Group in an effort to ensure a family-friendly and inclusive work environment.

Now in effect, the upgraded policy removes waiting periods and continuous service eligibility for employees in permanent roles, while reducing minimum service and active employment terms for casual team members.

Permanent employees can now access 16 weeks of paid parental leave surrounding the birth or adoption of a new child, which can be taken anytime within the first two years, up from the previous allowance of 10 weeks. In a new addition to the policy, 18 weeks of superannuation will also be paid against this period. Secondary carers can also access four weeks of company-paid time off, coupled with super for the entire period, to help with the settling in of a new baby or adopted child.

The policy changes come following consultation with ‘Women at The Star’, a staff-led working group designed to promote gender equality across the business while promoting career advancement opportunities for all employees.

The Star Entertainment Group Managing Director and CEO, Matt Bekier.

The Star Entertainment Group CEO, Matt Bekier, said the company understands family dynamics are different for each individual team member.

“We have worked hard to ensure all parents are supported and have the required flexibility as they welcome new family members,” Bekier said.

“Our parental leave policy reflects the needs of our workforce and ensures that team members have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally throughout their time with The Star.”

The Star Sydney

Chief People and Performance Officer, Kim Lee, said the company’s goal was to ensure it was an equitable employer for everybody.

“The introduction of superannuation contributions on parental leave will bridge the gap in retirement savings most often experienced by women, which was also exasperated by the pandemic.”

Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia CEO, Helen Galloway, congratulated The Star and said inclusive policies help organisations to attract and retain talented and valued employees.