Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour owner, Dr Jerry Schwartz, with the hotel's new kiosks.

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour has integrated self-service check-in facilities for its guests, becoming the first of the brand’s properties in Australia to offer such technology.

The new digital kiosks, now in place and operational at the Sydney hotel, allow guests to make changes to their reservations within available parameters, pay for their booking, check-in and receive their room key in a few minutes upon arrival.

The addition of the new check-in technology builds on the hotel’s recent adoption of the Order Up system, allowing guests to scan a bedside QR code to request room service.

“The self-service trend is leading the way to a future which prioritises convenience,” said Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour Owner, Dr Jerry Schwartz.

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour overlooks Cockle Bay and the Sydney CBD.

“We are investing in improved technology that enhances digital guest experiences. With the advancement in this process, we’re catering for travellers who are wanting a new revolutionised experience which is fast and efficient. However, this does not replace the traditional landscape of hotel processes where guests prefer a personal touch, which we love to deliver when checking guests in.”

Hotel General Manager, Greg Brady, said Sofitel is a brand ambitious to optimise the guest’s journey and implementing a one-touch digital experience is a great way to do just that.

“We are fortunate that Dr Schwartz is open to trialling exciting new technology to enhance the guest journey for those travellers looking for a digital check-in,” Brady said.