A new waste management tool from NABERS to improve recycling is now available for hotels.

Sustainability and green ratings organisation NABERS has expanded its waste and recycling tracking software to the hotel sector, with accommodation operators now able to manage and improve how much rubbish they dispose of each month.

The new NABERS Waste Verification Report is a software and tracking tool that measures how well a business separates waste into streams which can be composted and recycled. With a hotel inputting data on a month-by-month basis, useful management insights are then formed which can help a hotel develop more sustainable practices and have them verified by a trained assessor.

The NABERS tool helps hotels improve their circular economy.

A report is then generated providing a NABERS waste rating and ways that a hotel can improve its environmental footprint and resource recovery processes. This report provides a snapshot of where waste is going and how to improve recycling, with a verified waste management score which can reported to owners and managers, helping hotels put waste management higher in their sustainability strategies.

NABERS Sector Lead, Sara Rathborne, said tracking waste generation is essential for hotels to successfully monitor and manage sustainability initiatives such as reducing single use items, improving organics diversion and reducing overall waste to landfill.

“The data from a NABERS Waste Verification Report supports waste management initiatives and makes for a powerful business case for waste reduction overall. It also helps improve recycling rates so waste can live on beyond the bin,” she said.

Hotels will be incentivised to improve their recycling and lower waste levels with the new NABERS tool.

As part of utilising the report, hotels will be encouraged to modify operational processes including incentivising waste contractors to more accurately weigh waste levels and to better sort recycling and composting materials.

The NABERS Waste standards align with the Better Buildings Partnership Operational Waste guidelines and the Good Environmental Choice (GECA) Waste Collections Services Standard.