TAA National CEO, Michael Johnson (back row) with Stuart Robert and young job-seekers at the Careers Day.

Jobseekers and young people from Western Sydney were last week treated to a special career-building workshop featuring advice and guidance on overcoming some of the obstacles associated with obtaining a job in hospitality.

As part of the ‘Inspiring the Future Australia’ workshop day in Penrith, Tourism Accommodation Australia National CEO, Michael Johnson, joined Federal MP for Lindsay and Federal Minister for Employment, Stuart Robert, to help guide young and future job-seekers through some of the more intimidating parts of a job search – the job interview.

Interviewees from Yes Youth Employment Services sat down with Johnson and other business leaders for mock job interviews and to hear exactly what recruiters and employers in the sector are looking for in workers. Most who took part were aged between 17 and 21, with many never having been to a formal job interview before.

Michael Johnson and Minister Robert provided guidance on what employers were looking for in young workers.

“Our industry is facing a skills crisis shortage at the moment and we want the next generation to see hospitality as a real and exciting career choice,” said Johnson, who has interviewed hundreds of jobseekers in former roles managing hotels around Australia and overseas.

“Hotels, particularly in the regions and places like Western Sydney, are crying out for skilled workers like chefs, cooks and front-line staff and apprentices.”

Johnson said it was an immensely enjoyable day helping to boost the confidence of young jobseekers and encouraging them to begin rewarding careers in hospitality and tourism.

“I trust some of them will go on to work in the hotel industry because the only way we can truly bridge the skills gap is to get more young Australians involved,” he said.