Crystalbrook Collection's amenities are now fully biodegradable or recyclable.

Bathroom products across the Crystalbrook Collection property portfolio are now 100% waste-free as part of a new partnership between the sustainable hotel operator and hotel amenities provider, Vanity Group.

As part of its Sustainable Bathrooms initiative, the company is now offering toothbrushes made from sugarcane and cornstarch combs which along with all amenity dispensers and products means its entire bathroom layout is either biodegradable or recyclable.

The final step in the initiative was achieved through the introduction of an EcoPure lining in amenity packaging, which activates enzymes to assist in the biodegrading process to ensure no waste is left behind.

Riley was the first of three new hotels to open for Crystalbrook in Cairns in late 2018.

Crystalbrook Collection has saved more than 2.3 million single-use bathroom amenities from landfill through its use of custom hand, hair and body lotions featuring Australian Rosella and Davidson Plum essential oils.

“At Crystalbrook Collection, we embrace environmental change to enhance, not compromise, the quality of our guest experiences,” the company says.