A poster for the new 'Just Wow' campaign from Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia.

Australians’ perceptions that Uluru is ‘just a rock’ are being challenged by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia as part of a new brand campaign launched to entice more visitors to explore the country’s ‘Red Centre’.

The ‘Just Wow’ campaign, the first in a decade from Voyages, will instead position Uluru as a destination rich in Indigenous experiences and a place where Australians can embrace their country and tick the area off their bucket lists.

Materials will begin appearing on television, print, outdoor, digital and social media channels, scored by a special piece of a cappella music by the Anangu Iwiri choir. The song, performed in the native Pitjantjatjara dialect, translates as “Come and see our beautiful country.”

The campaign features a special piece of a cappella music by the Anangu Iwiri choir.

“The intent for this new platform is to actively drive a sense of urgency to encourage visitation to one of the most iconic destinations in the world” said Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Chief Marketing Officer, Ana Sofia Ayala.

“By showcasing the multitude of things to do and see from five-star culinary experiences to stargazing with an indigenous guide, and sunset helicopter tours to exploring Uluru on a Segway, we are also letting our audience know that this is a destination for all ages and Interests.”

“It was also important for us to have the local Anangu community highly involved in the creation and production of the campaign which we achieved through the strong use of visuals,” Ayala added.