Night-Time Industries Association Chair and 24-Hour Economy Commissioner, Michael Rodrigues.

Night Time Industries Association Chairman, Michael Rodrigues, has been hand-picked by the NSW Government to lead the regrowth and revitalisation of Sydney’s nightlife as the 24-hour Economy Commissioner.

The appointment comes as the government implements its COVID-19 recovery strategy by drawing city workers back to offices and creating a calendar of interactive events across the CBD to entice people to enjoy the CBD on weekends.

Rodrigues, who also co-founded Time Out Australia and serves as Managing Director, has been highly active campaigning against venue lockouts, imposed in response to a number of high-profile incidents. While the lockouts and other measures have improved public safety, the impact crippled trade and forced dozens of nightclubs, bars and other associated businesses to close doors permanently.

Hundreds of businesses have closed in Kings Cross alone since lockout laws were introduced.

Through significant levels of collaboration between the government, local residents and businesses, police, transport officials and other stakeholders, a variety of measures have been implemented to create a workable balance between ensuring public safety and stimulating business activity.

The new strategy will work to encourage a greater variety of night-time activities, allowing a wider range of businesses to open and thrive. Entrepreneurs looking to get involved will be nurtured and invited to contribute to changing the narrative surrounding the city’s nightlife precincts to help encourage healthy behaviour. Safer and more reliable transport options and ways to improve connectivity will also be key to the strategy.

NSW Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, said the city now has an opportunity to bring Sydney back better than ever and help tourism, hospitality and the arts recover from the pandemic.

“The Strategy includes a 24-hour Economy Acceleration Program, through which the Government will work with councils and industry to identify and activate unique and thriving economic hubs across Sydney,” Ayres said.

Sydney’s after-dark economy is set for a jumpstart to get the party safely underway once again.

“It will result in a network of activated 24-hour economy hubs across Sydney – each offering a distinct experience, and well connected by efficient transport options.”

Rodrigues said he was excited at the challenges ahead, pitching Sydney’s future nightlife as potentially rivalling New York, London and Tokyo.

“As our city rebuilds from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 24-hour economy strategy is central to NSW’s economic and social recovery. So many industries have had a really tough 12 months, but we are seeing the green shoots of recovery across Sydney and NSW.”

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