The world has always been a ‘dirty place’, but this situation has been amplified dramatically over the past 18 months by the ongoing spread and mutation of COVID-19. Viruses, fungi and spores – in whatever form – pose ongoing health and safety risks to humans, whether they be in airborne environments or on the surfaces of the multitude of items we touch on a daily basis.

In the case of hotels or accommodation outlets, this means disease can spread anywhere from the internal air-conditioning systems to doorknobs, handles and every other surface guests come into contact with during their stay.

But there is a solution.

The ReSPR, Airande, product line can provide a wide range of solutions that can help protect people from the spread of a broad range of pathogens. Scientific tests have shown that the use of ReSPR’s air and surface purifiers substantially reduces microbial populations on surfaces. Predominantly operating in Europe and other regions, the technology installed in ReSPR’s air purifiers has been successfully tested against the SARS nCOV-2 or CORONAVIRUS, which causes COVID-19.

Already used in hotel chains across Europe and the US, some of the key benefits of Airandé’s products include removing all bacteria, known viruses, funguses, yeasts, spores and mycobacteria with a 99.999% reduction, no condensation, residue or corrosion (ideal for curtains and furniture), reduction of a room’s out-of-service time and much more.

By adding products from ReSPR to your property you can help make indoor environments cleaner and safer, supporting the hotel sector as it seeks a pathway to prosperity once Australia moves beyond its State-based lockdowns.

OPEX Solutions currently available. For more information on ReSPR, Airandé’s products suitable for hotels and resorts contact Air & Surface Purification Resources an authorized ReSPR, Airande distributor ( or 0402 052 809.