Timeshare owners can now apply for free membership to a rebranded Wyndham Destinations platform allowing them to exchange their timeshare for other travel experiences, the company has announced.

Now known as 7Across, the platform – formerly known as Dial An Exchange (DAE) – boosts the flexibility in the timeshare system by allowing owners to swap out their holiday allowance for other experiences outside their home resort.

Available to both Wyndham Destinations timeshare owners and members affiliated with other programs, 7Across allows members to bank their annual allowance or trade deposit credits for a week at any one of thousands of resorts around the world. Members can also take advantage of ‘Bonus Weeks’ short notice discounted holidays travelling within a six-month window without giving up their allocated time. Bonus Weeks can also be shared with friends and family, with no limit on how many a member wishes to use.

Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Members can also access discounted stays at both affiliated and non-affiliated resorts worldwide without using a resort credit through the program’s ‘Rentals’ option.

Utilising a range of competitive exchange rates, members can also opt to ‘Fix It’ or ‘Flex It’, with the latter allowing members to reschedule or cancel their accommodation booking with no penalty.

Timeshare owners can sign up for free, with bigger discounts and more favourable exchange rates can be availed through a Gold Advantage membership, on offer for an annual fee.

7Across Managing Director, Amy Lipka, said the program allows members to swap their vacation weeks with other members around the world and access discounted stays at more than 600,000 hotels around the world.

“Timeshare owners know that vacation ownership is one of the best ways to explore more of the world, and 7Across boosts the advantages of timeshares with even more possibilities,” she said.