TripAdvisor's new Reputation Pro portal alerts hotel management in real time when a new review is posted.

Two new technology solutions aimed at helping hoteliers rebuild traveller confidence, attract new customers and communicate with guests leaving reviews have been launched by TripAdvisor.

The two systems – Spotlight and Reputation Pro – draw heavily on consumer data and will also help owners and managers to forecast demand and set profitable yet attractive nightly rates.

Spotlight utilises rate and booking data taken from a number of sources to help subscribing hoteliers to anticipate demand, adjust nightly rates, identify parity issues and even determine whether third-party booking sites are undercutting them. Data is imported from OTA Insight via a partnership signed with TripAdvisor.

At the other end of the guest experience, the new Reputation Pro platform allows hoteliers to receive real-time notification whenever a new review is posted to ensure they can expeditiously view and respond to any concerns. The platform allows hoteliers to sync their review platform with Google and Facebook and to quickly contact with guests to discuss and sort out any problem areas.

TripAdvisor’s new Reputation Pro is now available to trial for free.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve increased our focus on making the business of hospitality easier for hoteliers,” said TripAdvisor General Manager Hospitality Solutions, Martin Verdon-Roe.

Now more than ever, they need actionable insights and easy-to-use tools that help build their brand and maximize their profitability, all while saving them time.

“The launch of Spotlight and Reputation Pro, alongside our existing Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements solutions, marks a huge step forward in our efforts to help hoteliers navigate the pandemic in the short term and position their business for a return to profitable growth in the long term,” he added.

TripAdvisor’s newest platforms come just a couple of weeks after the launch of Menu Connect, which is aimed at allowing hotel restaurants to manage a single master copy of a menu and operating information, which can then be updated instantly across more than 100 republished platforms on major travel and dining websites.

Both solutions are currently available for new sign-ups to trial for free for a limited time.