Nescafe has this week celebrated International Coffee Day, paying tribute to its farmers and coffee lovers everywhere.

Coffee brand Nescafe has this week celebrated International Coffee Day with a touching tribute to the workers across its production and supply chain, which work to create one of Australia’s most popular blends.

The company celebrated the work of farmers through to roasters, baristas, caterers, coffee shop owners and even its head office staff in the Queensland town of Gympie, north of the Sunshine Coast.

“Our team of coffee experts in Gympie know just what it takes to make the perfect cup of coffee, and now produce more than 14 million cups of coffee per day,” the company said.

Nescafe drinkers consume around 14 million cups of the beverage every day in Australia.

“Roasting coffee is a combination of art and science – and our roasters have created many well-known blends, including Nescafe Foodservice Blend, and Australia’s favourite cup of coffee, Nescafe Blend 43.

Nescafe said 100% of the coffee beans used to make these blends in Gympie are sustainably sourced. Referring to its commitment to reduce waste to landfill, more than 60% of the energy needs in its factory are met by renewable sources, predominantly from spent coffee grounds, building on its 2010 commitment to make coffee that not only tastes good but also does good.

To help ensure this is possible, the company said it employs hundreds of agronomists who work with farmers to provide business and advanced agricultural training to improve their coffee crop and income. Local communities are also supported through a number of programs that aim to improve quality of life and inspire a new generation to become coffee farmers and help secure the future of coffee for years to come.

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