The new 'Travel Safe' tools allow travellers to filter hotels based on desired hygiene criteria.

A new collection of resources allowing hotels to detail new health, safety and guest hygiene protocols and safeguards has been launched by TripAdvisor.

Using the ‘Travel Safe’ resources, guests can source, validate and aggregate this health and safety information to help them choose their preferred hotel based on health and safety information at hotels around the world. The Travel Safe features are available in 49 different markets where TripAdvisor operates, with nearly 14,000 properties having subscribed to the resource within its first week of operation.

Hoteliers can select from a list of safety measures which are in place at their property, with further information able to be entered as free text. Properties can then provide links back to their own website offering further detail as needed. Options available in the checklist include the ability to select whether staff adhere to sanitation procedures including wearing masks and gloves, with a property also abiding by social distancing guidelines.

A search filter within the Travel Safe tools allow users to search hotels based on the above criteria, with a new review submission form allowing guests to validate hygiene standards and share their experience with other travellers. Business owners can also be contacted directly through the platform if users have any questions prior to making a booking.

Hotels can select from a wide variety of hygiene practices, with guests to verify if not up to scratch.

TripAdvisor Chief Experience and Brand Officer, Lindsay Nelson, said the safety needs of consumers needs to be appreciated and recognised as the biggest hurdle in closing the confidence gap created by the pandemic.

“With the launch of Travel Safe, we’re allowing owners to showcase how they’re putting health and safety at the forefront to protect their staff and future customers.

“As always, by submitting reviews, our hundreds of millions of members will be the best check and balance to ensure these businesses are responsibly abiding by their policies.”

According to a recent study by TripAdvisor, drawn from data collected fortnightly over an eight-week period, 92% of respondents said cleanliness is now the most important factor in choosing a hotel, with 84% requiring this to be backed up by a certificate or verification online. Nearly eight in ten said it was critical travel businesses publicly displayed its compliance with government safety standards.

TripAdvisor Chief Commercial Officer, Kanika Soni, said Travel Safe will be a vital tool in providing consumers with the reassurance they need while helping businesses to build trust.