Next Hotel Brisbane
Next Hotel Brisbane

Increased cleaning schedules and rotations will be rolled out across the Next Story Group as part of the group’s network-wide response to the new operating landscape for hotels and hospitality providers.

The company has unveiled its new ‘Safe With Us’ commitment to best practice, which will be stringently applied at all Next, Sage, Ink and Kafnu hotels and co-working centres.

The new structure features four key pillars – Cleanliness and Hygiene, Food Safety, Guest Interactions and Staff Safety & Training – and outlines what guests can expect as part of their next stay or visit to the group’s properties in Australia and Asia.

Next Story Group CEO, Darren Edmonstone said the ‘Safe With Us’ program enables its staff to stay safe and welcome guests with confidence.

“We appreciate the concerns of travellers in the new reality of the post-coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

Enhanced cleaning routines will see Next Story Group housekeeping staff sanitise all high-touch items.

“As a responsible business, we are taking our commitment one step further in ensuring the safety and well-being of our guests, employees and partners. Safe With Us redefines hygiene and cleanliness standards across our properties and is tailored to the new normal.”

In-room dining will be served in environmentally-friendly single-use containers, while greater emphasis will be put on self-service ‘Grab & Go’ style food markets, while somewhat ironically at the other end of the F&B spectrum, self-service buffets will be phased out in favour of table service. Restaurants will also be reconfigured to support social distancing regulations in each market, aligning with recommended advice of local health authorities.

Contactless and low-touch payment options will be rolled out to all properties, while guests will notice a heavy presence of hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes. Hotels may also conduct temperature checks and require guests to complete travel declarations or submit to contact tracing guidelines as mandated by authorities.