One of the new posters guests will soon see prominently displayed in BWH properties.
One of the new posters guests will soon see prominently displayed in BWH properties.

International best practice in line with national government requirements are at the forefront of BWH Hotel Group’s new cleanliness and sanitation program introduced today.

Under the name of ‘We Care Clean’, the program sees Best Western become the latest global hotel operator to introduce a hygiene program aimed at reassuring guests and staff of the cleanliness of both rooms and all public spaces in line with new universal norms. The new protocols have been implemented as a collaborative effort with the World Health Organisation, US Centre for Disease Control, Australian Government Department of Health and New Zealand Ministry of Health.

The program will see hand sanitiser stations highly visible across hotel public areas such as reception, while personal disinfection products will be available for guests to use and carry as needed. Guests will also be encouraged to better adopt the Best Western Mobile Concierge in order to facilitate check-in and out.

Staff will be seen with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where appropriate, including a new directive to stay home when unwell and more frequent hand washing requirements.

Rooms will also see a number of soft furnishings removed, such as notepads and pens, in order to better facilitate its more rigorous cleaning measures. Where possible, rooms recently vacated by a guest will not be entered for between 24-72 hours before a stringent cleaning mechanism is undertaken, including the use of chemicals designed to kill COVID-19. Cleaning will be heightened on high-use fittings such as door handles, light switches, taps, thermostats, clocks and clothes hangers.

BWH Hotel Group Managing Director, Graham Perry.

Hotels will also see more ‘Grab & Go’ style breakfast options introduced over sit-down buffets and breakfast servings, in order to allow guests to choose their own breakfast options from packaged and fresh items replenished regularly. Social distancing measures will also be introduced across all hotel restaurants in compliance with all guidelines. Some common use items, such as salt, pepper and sugar containers, may also be replaced with single use paper packets at least in the short term. Fitness centres and swimming pools may be closed more frequently for cleaning and, when available, may be subjected to electrostatic fogging, ozone generators or ultraviolet devices.

BWH Hotel Group Managing Director Australasia, Graham Perry, said he believed hotels could never be “too clean”.

“In a time when our guests are seeking greater reassurance about their health and safety, we’re now in a position to provide peace of mind as they resume travelling, all the while ensuring that the comfort and quality of their stay is not compromised,” Perry said.

Best Western Plus The Stirling Rockhampton Manager, Judy McDermott, said she is sure guests will respond positively to the new program.

“During these uncertain times, guests want to feel safe. The least we can do is make them feel safe and to reinforce that we take their health and wellbeing exceptionally seriously,” she said.