The new hospitality training centre will aim to boost the employable talent pool in WA.
Hospitality workers in WA must complete the one-hour course prior to a venue reopening.

Hospitality workers in all public venues including hotels, restaurants and bars will be required to successfully complete a new COVID-19 training course before being allowed to return to work following the pandemic.

In a partnership between the Australian Hotels Association and the WA Government, the AHA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course will be a 100% online program detailing new minimum hygiene standards and cleanliness practices. A basic training level must be completed by all staff, with senior management and supervisors also required to complete a secondary, more detailed course featuring more in-depth, intensive procedures.

Authorities will have the power to close down a venue found not to be complying with the new regulations, with a training register advised as the best way to maintain and verify compliance with the new requirements.

Attainment of the secondary qualification will see the employee recognised as a Hygiene Officer, with all venues required to have at least one Hygiene Officer on duty at all times to ensure venue compliance.

The course will establish new best practices in hygiene, sanitisation, cleaning and more.

The AHA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course will cover modules written specifically for the ongoing containment of COVID-19. These will include understanding venue restrictions, reporting personal health issues, maintaining work and personal hygiene practices, cross-contamination reduction practices and effective cleaning and sanitisation practices. The basic training level will take around an hour to complete, with a few hours needed for the secondary level, including assessments which take place after each module.

Australian Hotels Association (WA) CEO, Bradley Woods, said the state’s venues had withstood heavy losses as a result of restrictions that have been in place since the middle of March.

“This is the first hospitality and tourism specific COVID-19 hygiene course of its type in Australia and will put WA in a front line position for when venues re-open.

“To ensure hospitality businesses are prepared to re-open, it is important that all staff have the necessary training and knowledge to minimise the risk for staff and customers contracting COVID-19,” Woods added.