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Tourism industry unites to support COVIDsafe app

Six tourism industry bodies are urging mass downloads to help a return to normality occur faster.

Six major organisations representing a wide spectrum of the national and regional travel, tourism and hospitality industries have united to encourage more Australians to download and use the new COVIDsafe app.

The organisations include the Accommodation Association (AA), Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA Australasia), Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF), Restaurant and Catering Association (RCA) and Business Events Council of Australia (BECA). In a joint statement, the group have endorsed the app, saying its use will help to “hasten the easing of current restrictions and social distancing measures”.

Logos of the six organisations urging Aussies to download COVIDsafe.

More than two million Australians have downloaded the app so far, with the federal government aiming for a minimum 40% uptake amongst the population for the app to be effective. Since its release, the government has been forced to deal with concerns over privacy and the safety of the data collected within the app, especially as malicious hoaxes and scams simultaneously continue to do the rounds.

The group said the rapid response to the app shows how seriously Australians have treated the pandemic and how importantly they consider a steady return to normality to be. Urging more Australians to download the app, the group said the more widely the app is used, the faster state and territory governments will be able to loosen restrictions with greater confidence.

“Our industries are losing some $9.6 billion every month that the pandemic continues and are forecasting job losses of 370,000 if it continues through 2020. However, if we keep working together, including embracing this new technology, we will survive this crisis and come out the other side intact.”

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