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Dedicated resources made available to B&B hotels

Bed & Breakfast operators are banding together to ensure mass-survival from COVID-19.

A specialised resource consisting of information tailored to operators of small B&B operations to help them navigate the COVID-19 crisis has been compiled by New Zealand’s Bed & Breakfast Association.

The association says it has made the resource available to all Bed & Breakfast-style accommodation businesses across the country, regardless of whether or not they are members of the organisation. Information ranges from national government health alerts, blogs on cancellations and information shared by other members for mutual benefit. The organisation says all B&B operators across the country are doing it tough, with many suffering significant cancellations while in some cases, continuing to house guests now unable to return to their home countries due to border closures.

Bed & Breakfast Association represents the interests of regional and rural accommodation providers, including homestays, farm stays, boutique, heritage and luxury accommodation.

“An enormous amount of information about Covid-19 and the lockdown is available but our small accommodation operators have specific needs. So we have identified the most relevant information to share with them,” said Association President, Rayma Jenkins.

B&B owners and managers are being urged to contact the association for assistance in finding information related to more specific problems if needed.

CLICK HERE for more information.

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