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Budget Motel Chain reports pick-up in isolation stays

Budget Motel Chain properties are located in over 100 towns around Australia.

A callout by Budget Motel Chain to past guests inviting them to work from home has proven a resounding success, with hundreds opting to lock themselves away by heading to regional areas of their home state.

The organisation praised the ingenuity of the Australian people, saying that when faced with new and unfamiliar situations, Aussies “think differently” and come up with solutions that normally they would not consider or attempt.

“It’s like embracing the Anzac Spirit,” the company said.

The organisation said its network of more than 100 motels across regional Australia was waiting to welcome guests seeking to isolate during these difficult times. All guests needed to bring was their laptop as all properties have WiFi.

“Sometimes just a short break away from all the media can help reshape our thinking and stay focused on being creative for the future,” the organisation said.

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