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Hyatt partners up to help young people in ‘NEET’

Hyatt Regency will help to nurture young people into a potential hospitality career.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has joined forces with Talent Rise in an initiative designed to help young people experiencing barriers to employment into skills training and a job across the hospitality industry.

Through its parent firm, Talent International, the organisation’s charity arm works to offer education, training, work readiness programs and job opportunities to young people currently classified as being in ‘NEET’ – not in employment, education or training. The partnership comes as part of Hyatt Hotels’ ‘RiseHY’ initiative across the global Hyatt estate which seeks to encourage hotels to join forces with local community programs helping young people improve their lives.

The partnership with Talent Rise saw Hyatt Hotels provide a $57,000 contribution late last year to further the work of Talent Rise through its internal Hyatt Community Grant, which is issued annually.

“The Hyatt grant is designed to enable the work of Talent RISE and assist them to place young people who are NEET into careers at Hyatt Hotels,” the hotel operator said.

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