More frequent cleaning is being recommended to help venues navigate restrictions on public gatherings.
More frequent cleaning is being advised to help venues navigate restrictions on public gatherings.

Amid the prospect of further government-imposed restrictions on public gatherings, the Australian Hotels Association (WA) has implemented a new recommended health and safety standard on its members to ensure disruption is minimised.

The organisation has put forth suggestions for venues to limit maximum capacity numbers to allow a minimum 1.5m distance between unrelated parties as well as minimising standing room in order to prevent opportunities to overcrowd. Venues have also been advised to open windows and ensure a clean flow of fresh air is coming through during opening hours.

In terms of cleanliness, hotels are being advised to have staff complete personal health declarations, wear disposable gloves, frequently clean and sanitise all frequently touched surfaces including door handles and bathrooms, empty rubbish bins, sanitise seats and tables and ensure the visible presence and repeated encouraged use of hand sanitiser among patrons.

AHA WA CEO, Bradley Woods

AHA WA Chief Executive, Bradley Woods, said the organisation was working to ensure the long-term viability of business owners and operators in the wake of grounded flights, cancelled conferences and the general cessation of public gatherings.

Woods added it was also critical for industry stakeholders including those with a financial investment to help businesses to remain viable during the temporary downturn.

“At this unprecedented time, it is incumbent on banks and financial lenders to work closely with businesses to ensure doors remain open, debts are not called in prematurely and reasonable expectations are placed on clients.

“Like many of the other economic shocks that we have endured before COVID-19, we will emerge from this crisis. The extent of the impact that we experience will be largely driven by how we manage this situation now and in the coming months,” Woods added.