The end of JobKeeper may also be the end of tour operators in the Great Barrier Reef, the Premier suggested.
North Queensland will draw heavily on the reef to market the destination under its new brand name.

‘Cairns & Great Barrier Reef’ has been introduced by Tourism Tropical North Queensland as a formal brand label for tourism in the region, which will be used in marketing the region to domestic and international audiences worldwide.

The label will cover an area from the town of Caldwell around 200 kms south of Cairns, north to the Torres Strait and west to the Northern Territory border. Advertising and marketing campaigns introducing the new brand are now being developed and will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Tourism Tropical North Queensland CEO, Mark Olsen, said the branding has been built around three key pillars of ‘See Great’, ‘Feel Great’ and ‘Leave Greater’.

Jarramali Rock Art Tours is a local experience which stars in the region’s new promotional material.

“Cairns & Great Barrier Reef offers guilt-free travel through initiatives like the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Environmental Charge where visitors contribute towards the Reef’s conservation.

“Our brand promise for every visitor to leave as a custodian taps into the mood of the country with Australians having a stronger desire to give back to nature and protect our Indigenous culture, a culture which teaches us to respect nature.”

Olsen said while the Reef plays a central role in the branding, the new regional label will also allow the organisation to better promote the area via its outback and Indigenous heritage and culture.

See below for the region’s new marketing video.