For the active guest, a curated running circuit will help guests see the best of Sydney on the go.
For the active guest, a curated running circuit will help guests see the best of Sydney on the go.

A menu of activities and experiences designed to appeal to individual interests has been launched at West Hotel Sydney, Curio Collection by Hilton as part of an initiative to encourage guests to personalise their stay.

Based on five “curiosity types” of Culturalist, Challenger, Pathfinder, Spiritualist and Epicurean, the range will provide guests an opportunity to engage in activities during their stay including guided fitness mentoring, a crystal ritual, a virtual book-club, bar-side cocktail infusions and more.

Guests will be asked to complete the Curiosity Quiz at check-in, which will help narrow down activities which will be offered via the hotel’s Chief Concierge. Take the quiz yourself HERE.

Guests can indulge their creativity through entertaining cocktail sessions at West Hotel’s main bar.

To facilitate the various activity programs, the hotel has partnered with a number of independent businesses including freelance bloggers and influencers who will contribute to programs aligned to their individual areas of expertise. For example, literary blogger Lucy Pearson will provide her ‘Top 3’ book recommendations via a virtual discussion series, with the suggested works available in a physical form at the hotel’s Concierge desk.

In addition, the hotel has created a 5km scenic walking or jogging circuit which takes in some of the harbourfront’s nearby and most picturesque and photogenic locations. Building on this, a personalised fitness mentoring program will be available to guests eager to develop ways to maximise their health whilst travelling.

For those more spiritually-aligned, West Hotel Sydney has sourced a Meditative Crystal Ritual kit which can be loaned from the Concierge overnight for guests wishing to incorporate mindfulness and wellness into their daily routine. Finally, a series of ‘Supper Club’ events will take place each week for lovers of fine food, with rotavapour sessions designed to help guests craft their ideal summer cocktail, utilising natural ingredients and backed by light share plates.

West Hotel Sydney, Curio Collection by Hilton opened in January 2018.

West Hotel General Manager, Jane Lyons, said the hotel was working to steer clear of the ‘one size fits all’ mentality in its premium service offerings.

“We recognise that each guest is inspired by a different personal desire or motivation when travelling, so we have introduced these curated experiences to ignite the curiosity amongst our guests, and ensure they have a truly authentic and memorable Sydney experience each and every time they stay with us,” Lyons said.