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Photo Tour: Mural by mural at The Adnate in Perth

Guests at The Adnate, Perth are greeted with this message on the floor of the lobby.

Accor and Art Series Hotels has launched its newest property, The Adnate, in a blaze of colour and celebration of the skills of one of Australia’s most prominent and accomplished big wall street artists, Matt Adnate.

Across concrete, plaster and canvas, Adnate has drawn inspiration by Indigenous elders past, present and emerging from a variety of nations in his works, with native Americans, Maori elders and Aboriginal Australians all represented.

Come for a tour of the major murals found at The Adnate, Perth.

One of only two canvas murals in the hotel features local Indigenous elder, Nathan McGuire.


This lobby portrait features a native from the Pacific nation of Guam.


In the lobby stairwell, this portrait is designed to be interpreted uniquely by each individual viewer.


The first of four driveway murals is close to Matt Adnate’s heart as it features his wife, Jessica.


Also in the driveway is this mural of First Nations American man, Tecumseh Jones.


A mural of Indigenous Maori elder, Lady Piiata Heenan, also features in The Adnate’s entranceway.


Emerging Indigenous elder, Jade Dolman, adds her own image to The Adnate’s entranceway.


Matt Adnate retreated to a nearby carpark on a daily basis to check on his work from afar.

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