Australia's laid-back and relaxed lifestyle will be on show in a new three-year campaign.
Australia’s laid-back and relaxed lifestyle will be on show in a new three-year campaign.

Tourism Australia has today launched its newest international campaign, this time drawing on the real-world experiences of Australians to showcase the local way of life and to encourage travellers to venture outside the cities on their next visit.

The three-year global campaign entitled ‘Philausophy’ and is backed by a $38 million federal government investment which will see materials associated with the pitch rolled out across 15 key established and emerging markets in an effort to continue the momentum of international arrivals.

Key to the campaign is highlighting Australia’s casual and laid-back approach to life and aims to capture that informal attitude, which according to research is highly popular and sought-after by international visitors.

The campaign is backed by assets including more than 5,000 new images of Australia, industry videos, social content, a book featuring first-hand accounts of life in Australia as well as refreshes to a number of websites based around the world.

The campaign is backed by a $38m government investment and will be shown in 15 major markets.

Federal Tourism Minister, Simon Birmingham, said the ever-present need to stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace was needed more than ever.

“Philausophy aims to do this by not only encouraging people to book a flight to Australia and visit our incredible destinations but go a step further and actually immerse themselves in the best of the Australian way of life.

“At its core, Philausophy, is about giving travellers from around the world a taste of what makes Australia such an enjoyable destination by shining a spotlight on the people, lifestyle and personality that make Australian experiences so memorable.

“The Australian character and way of life has long been woven into our marketing,” said Tourism Australia Managing Director, Phillipa Harrison.

“The journey began with Paul Hogan and ‘Come Say G’Day’. In more recent times Chris Hemsworth, our global ambassador, has been integral in embodying the Australian character for our audiences. Dundee too was all about leaning into our personality. And promoting our people is at the core of our Friends of Australia advocacy program. Our new campaign will continue to build on this narrative by inviting the world to come and live our ‘philausophy’.”

See below for the over-arching campaign video associated with ‘Philausophy’.