Rising Star Award presneted by Ben Chapman of Intrust received by joint winner Aditi Soo of Shangri-La Hotel Sydney
Rising Star Award presneted by Ben Chapman of Intrust received by joint winner Aditi Sood of Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

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As the big night gets closer, HM is looking back on the successes of 2018 and is checking in with Aditi Sood from Shangri-La Sydney – one of three winners of the 2018 Rising Star Award – to see how the award changed her professional life.

How has winning HM’s Rising Star Award for 2018 changed your career?

Winning the award has had an immense impact on me personally in relation to the sense of accomplishment, inspiration and resilience it has provided. My story has not been free from challenges and roadblocks – coming to Australia on a student visa and starting off in the hospitality space, I would never have imagined being the recipient of such a prestigious award ten years down the track. I believe that it was my determination and will to make my mark in the engineering space that has led me to where I am today.

Having my name shared across HM’s network will definitely open doors into the future. It has made me more confident and global-minded in considering my career pathway.

What does it mean to have been recognized by your peers?

It is a privilege to have been recognized by my peers and I am highly appreciative of it.

Not only the Shangri-La team but also, the prominent engineers of the Australian Institute of Hotel Engineering, including my mentor Anura Yapa, who made this possible, have appreciated the milestone I have achieved. It has also drawn extra recognition and professional regard from various hotel industry experts.

The teamwork and dedication Shangri-La Hotel staff show in their day-to-day work is what lets me truly be my best at work.

It has made me more mindful of my own professional development, inviting self-reflection and self-awareness. I am excited at what my next milestone might look like!