Providing world-leading customer service has been identified as a tactic for in Australia

The newest entrant into Australia’s online travel retailing landscape,, says it plans to use exemplary customer service as a quick tactic to improve its market share.

The Shanghai-based OTA, a subsidiary of Chinese online travel giant International, recently became the third entrant into the crowded Australian space alongside global behemoths Expedia Group and Priceline Group, trading as Global Vice President of Product & Marketing, Lynn Qu, said its focus on customer service meant that its hold times for guests on the phone was “exceptionally short”.

“More and more what we observe, and what the trends indicate, is that when you travel, it’s more than just about the transaction. It’s concerning when you think about the transactional element, there are various established players who sell some of the things we do. Sometimes we have better prices, sometimes they have better prices. If the customer is smart, they’re going to pick what’s best for them.”

Qu said a key focus for the brand to grow in this market was on its native app development, which it said would aim to serve travellers at all points of their trip.

“So the Chinese are probably the best in the world when it comes to native app development. We’re evolving a product geared not only towards being a transactional tool, or a booking tool, but also a travel companion. How can we be useful to you during your trip?”

Qu said the app will be able to inform guests useful information about a destination such as the power voltage and conversion needs, currency, the weather and guides to the city you’re in.