Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson

It will be business as usual for the time being at Marriott International global headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland prior to treatment beginning on CEO Arne Sorenson, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 pancreatic cancer.

The company says Sorenson will remain in his role while undergoing treatment for as long as possible, with doctors giving the industry leader an excellent prognosis, having detected the cancer early. Chemotherapy will begin this week, with surgery expected to take place at the end of this year.

Sorenson, 60, received his diagnosis from a medical team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in nearby Baltimore and says he fully intends to continue working at the company he loves.

“The cancer was discovered early. It does not appear to have spread and the medical team – and I – are confident that we can realistically aim for a complete cure.

“Let me make one request, look ahead with me. We have great work underway at Marriott. I am as excited by what we can accomplish together as I have ever been.”