Accor President and CEO, Sebastien Bazin

Now numbering 38 different brands, Accor is continuing to identify market gaps, invest and collaborate with global entrepreneurs to meet market needs.

Speaking in an exclusive video with HM Editor-In-Chief James Wilkinson and broadcast to AHICE attendees, Accor Chairman and CEO, Sebastien Bazin, said its mergers and acquisitions strategy is paying dividends, largely by its decision to keep the original founders of brands it acquires closely aligned with the new direction of the business and to continue its growth.

“Had we been able to invent those brands and those promises, we would have no reason to buy them,” he said.

“They are being invented by humans, they are super-smart, they’ve seen something we haven’t seen so coming along with the brand is who is behind the brand. Every brand has a soul and that soul is from someone so if they stay onboard with us, it’s for their benefit and for our benefit.”

For more of Bazin’s candid comments, including thoughts on the rebrand back to Accor, the launch of the company’s new ALL loyalty program and its associated partnership with French football powerhouse Paris Saint Germain, check out our exclusive video below.