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Hyatt to collaborate on Google Assistant translations

Hyatt is working to break language barriers with the help of Google Assistant.

A new capability of the Google Assistant designed to translate multiple languages at regular conversation speed is being trialled with the assistance of Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

The new ‘Interpreter Mode’ feature includes dozens of languages and allows people restricted by language barriers to communicate better with hotel staff. The feature works by the Google Assistant hearing the foreign language and relaying the message in English before returning the English response back to the guest in their native language at conversation speed.

Guests choose their language of choice on a tablet connected to the Assistant, which can also serve as a written translation intermediary.

A number of Hyatt hotels in the US have signed up to participate in the trial, including the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport.

“As international tourism continues to rise, implementing solutions like Interpreter Mode ensures the needs of today’s global traveler base remain at the core of our innovation strategy,” said Hyatt global head of strategy, technology and innovation, Alex Zoghlin.

“We are excited to collaborate with Google on a new technology that offers the potential to create widespread impact across the hospitality industry.”

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