VANITY GROUP is a global cosmetics market leader, established in 2011 with an Australian entrepreneurial spirit.  VANITY GROUP provides an ensemble of luxury cosmetic brands both via proprietary and licensing whilst focusing on the design, development, manufacture and marketing of premium skincare and haircare hotel amenity products. Recently welcoming a number of world renowned brands into their portfolio including Balmain Paris Hair Couture, Apotheke Brooklyn and Atkinsons London, VANITY GROUP ensures their diverse brand offering is adept at meeting the needs of hotels across the globe.

Headquarters based in Sydney, Australia and with a regional office in Shanghai, China, VANITY GROUP comprises of advanced research and creative laboratories, ultra-modern manufacturing facilities, an in-house master design studio and an extensive warehousing and distribution network in over 55 countries. We are creators of everything beautiful and masters of storytelling through visual design, fragrances and scents that create emotional connections to products we deliver around the world. A company of choice to hotel groups around the globe.

Redefining the standards of excellence, VANITY GROUP constantly pushes creative boundaries, identifies and integrates trends, and sustainably generates value with a competitive advantage through our 360 sustainable beauty program. Our promise is to create new ways of adding value to the guest experience with the products we so truly love.

PHONE: 02 9557 7644