The following practises occur regularly throughout the hotel industry, but incur significant and unnecessary running costs over time.

Using Set Top Boxes

If your conventional TVs require basic Set Top Boxes to run your in-room channels, this article demonstrates how those STBs can cost a medium-sized hotel an additional $10,000 on their power bill every year, before they’re even switched on. With built-in STB capabilities, however, a Smart TV can do the same job and more, but without the unnecessary power consumption.

Poor Communication Systems

Poor communication can rob your hotel of its most valuable resource: time. A study by Sharp found that employees wasted an average of 23 minutes per day per employee due to fractured and outdated communication systems. The study found that employees were losing up to 40 minutes each per day due to poor technology. In a company with 100 employees, this equates to up nearly 165 hours a day.

Losing direct bookings

The development of websites such as, Expedia and Hotels Combined can make it quite difficult to get direct bookings, a trend costing individual hotels significantly. However, there is a strong sense of security and comfort that comes from booking directly, and with a few simple strategies, your hotel can secure the profit margins made from bookings. These strategies include:

  • A refined website design
  • Secondary offers on services like Wi-fi or breakfast;
  • Offering similar prices to the competition

Printing Hotel Compendiums

The compendium is a staple in the industry, but desperately needs an upgrade. How much is your hotel spending annually on the regular printing and distribution of a fresh hotel compendium in each room? How much time and money would be saved by digitising the document and distributing copied instantly and electronically from a single point of management?

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