Over the last few years IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, has been growing in popularity across the hospitality industry. The ability to distribute Free to Air (FTA) channels, satellite TV, radio, digital video, DVD, Video on Demand (VOD), web content and much more all from a single point of management, has made IPTV the ideal guest entertainment solution. This content has always been delivered via a hotel’s LAN network, which required each TV to be connected by Ethernet cabling.

However, because most properties that were not built recently will only have a coaxial network in place, a hotel looking to upgrade in order to meet customer expectations would have had to undergo expensive re-cabling projects just to implement a solution. In this past this created a significant cost barrier for hotels, with the cost of re-cabling exceeding $20,000 for smaller businesses and $60,000+ for larger businesses.

Fortunately, recent technological developments have eliminated this particular problem. Looking to create a better solution, Streamvision has developed proprietary software that now allows a premium and profitable solution over your existing coaxial infrastructure. In doing so, the need for additional Ethernet cabling to be installed has been removed completely. This has been done without any performance decreases and has resulted in big financial savings.

“This is a huge move for Streamvision because it now enables smaller chains and venues that were hindered by initial costs and reduces barriers to access new and unexplored sources of revenue ” explains Greg Bassine, CEO of Streamvision. “It also makes IPTV that much more attractive to the bigger players in the industry.”

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