Australian-based video production firm Big Review TV has signed a major agreement with Marriott International to supply video content for the world’s largest chain.

As part of the deal, Big Review TV will supply video content for Marriott’s newly-released mobile app, which was released in February this year to over 12 million Marriott Reward Members and delivers dynamically adjusted content to its users.

Big Review TV teams in the US and Australia recently filmed and produced a selection of short videos to showcase Marriott hotel features to be delivered via the Marriott mobile app.

Upon the launch of their mobile app, George Corbin, Senior Vice President of Digital, Marriott
International said: “Smart devices are now everyone’s indispensable travel companion, as more and more travellers increasingly expect to have their needs satisfied using their mobile phone. Marriott is using mobile to introduce and revolutionise the next generation of customer service to travellers worldwide, delivering a far more personalised and anticipatory stay experience.”

Big Review TV CEO, Brandon Evertz, said the video supply contract with Marriott International originated via BIG’s operational team in the US and the deal came at a time when more and more major hospitality companies are looking at video content.

“I believe our ability to service the Marriott’s global video requirements and deliver high quality, short-form, native and international video content was key to being selected for this exciting project,” he said.

“Indeed, BIG’s unique ability in this area will be a key factor for many other international organisations and large global platforms looking for video content going forward.”

Big Review TV parent company Big Un Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and has a joint venture with HM magazine parent company Intermedia Group with the newly-launched WAYFARER TV show, hosted by HM magazine Editor-In-Chief, James Wilkinson.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management