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Roll over Beethoven

Bedroom flexibility and sleeping creativity comes in many styles.

Folding rollaway beds are a great choice when additional sleeping space is needed. Perfect for hotels, dorms and guest rooms.

Rollaway beds and cribs give customers variety and options and the property more opportunity to add value.

Rollaway beds fold up for easy storage and fit into a standard lift. The folding cots and portable cribs fold down for stackable storage.

Today there are choices aplenty: Select between full, medium or minimalist headboards. Widths range from 30 to 48 cm, mattresses with either 10cm, 12 cm foam or 27 cm comfort-spring on the upright that bed speaks to the brand impressing the plus-one guest.

A strong strap holds the upright bed in place with firm fasteners securing the fold-up beds. Castor wheels make for maneuverability around tightest corners.


Weatherdon and Co’s top team of designers and manufacturers are also able to specify standards to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector

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Phone: 02 9906 2202

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