Paul Fischmann’s 8Hotels has launched the world’s first astrology hotel in Sydney.

The company says the Ultimo Hotel in Haymarket features everything star struck travellers need when coming to town and gives an experience for guests to explore the city based on their sign.

In partnership with leading Astrologer, Damian Rocks, Founder of Stars Like You, The Ultimo has created unique experiences throughout the hotel to make guests feel aligned to their astrological sign with city guides recommending the best ‘Gastrology’ (places to eat and drink) and ‘Experiology’ (things to see and do) destinations for each of the twelve star signs, zodiac tailored ‘Do not Disturb’ signs, daily horoscopes with their newspapers, slippers in matching zodiac designs as well as monthly updated horoscopes on the website.

The Ultimo - king

“We are very excited to open the doors to the World’s first astrology hotel,” said the Ultimo Hotel General Manager, Scott Hartley.

“The Ultimo Hotel is a one of a kind concept speaking to the trend of unique and personalised travel and creates an experience with the ultimate star rating for our guests.”

After a recent refurbishment, the boutique hotel features 95 rooms across seven categories from cosy Ultimo Single to spacious Ultimo Courtyard ranging from $139 per night to $329 per night.

“Working with the Ultimo team on the launch of the World’s first astrology hotel has been very exciting,” said Damian Rocks, resident Ultimo Hotel Astrologer and creator of Stars Like You.

“There is a huge appetite for Astrology and the stars fascinate humans since the beginning of time. Travellers will be glad to hear that the stars have now aligned when booking a hotel in Sydney,” he said.

8Hotels is launching more new hotels later this year such as Little Albion, a 35 room luxury guest house hotel in Surry Hills and Felix, a 150 room cutting edge hotel at Sydney’s Airport.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management