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Most of us have stayed in a star rated property and know a little bit about the Star Ratings, if you’re booked in to a 5 star hotel you know you’re in for a treat but if you’re on the road and just bunking down for the night you might only need something clean and comfortable; a 3 star motel will do the trick.

However, the Star Rating is the just the tip of the iceberg; behind the scenes is a sophisticated system which creates a rating that truly reflects the quality of the accommodation.

Star Ratings are used in more than 70 countries across the globe but here in Australia they are brought to you by Star Ratings Australia, the country’s leading independent accommodation rating system.

So what are star ratings and how do they work?
-Star ratings range from 1 star up to 5 stars, with half stars denoting a little extra in the quality and condition of guest facilities.
-Star Ratings reflect cleanliness, quality and condition of guest facilities.
-Star Ratings are determined by more than 200 criteria ranked by Australian Travellers. according to what’s important to them. For each accommodation category these criteria are ranked differently in importance. The higher the ranking the more influence on the final Star Rating. There are six different accommodation categories: hotel, motel, serviced apartment, self-catering, hosted accommodation and Caravan-Holiday Park.
-Experienced assessors review accommodation against the criteria, carrying out meticulous inspections of properties to identify the correct Star Rating and ensure properties have maintained them.

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How can travellers can use them?
-The Star Rating is a great way for travellers to narrow down their accommodation selections so they can ensure their final choice matches their budget and quality expectations. Travellers can search on the Star Rating website by star rating, location, property name or category type.
-Star Ratings are a safeguard against ‘self-ratings’ and guarantee the accommodation you expect is the accommodation you get.
-Travellers visit approximately 14 websites before making an online booking but Star Ratings Australia aggregates all consumer ratings so travellers can visit one website to get both the opinions of their fellow travellers’ and the official Star Rating.

How does the Star Rating scheme help Australian accommodation providers stay at the top of their game?
-In a nutshell, it helps accommodation providers meet and surpass guests’ expectations, holding them accountable to maintain their quality standards.
-A Star Rating increases visibility to travellers: Stars are one of the most widely recognised and trusted symbols of quality accommodation standards in the world. In Australia 85% of travellers use Star Ratings when choosing and booking accommodation.
-It tells accommodation providers what their guests are saying about them online by providing a free online management tool, which offers one dashboard which collates guest reviews across all the major OTAs, review sites and social media platforms so issues can be addressed online and translated into better practice offline.
-Accommodation is at the heart of any destination experience and by displaying a Star Rating, accommodation providers are demonstrating that they have been independently reviewed against accepted Australian standards.

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James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management