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The Straight and Curly

Every type of accommodation today is expected to provide a hair-dryer for guests. But which one is a curly question. Weatherdon has found the hair dryer for all seasons and all hair types.

As every blonde knows, platinum white always looks right. The spiral cord is a neat, stylish finish, while a powerful fan and strong air-flow expedites grooming on the go.

For luscious locks in the frizzy tropics to damp cities or beachside locations, the Nero Mountie or Nero Snug neatly cinch all the key requisites of:

  • 1400 watts
  • 2 speed setting
  • Spiral cord
  • Safety release
  • Drawer or Wall mounts
  • Platinum white

Weatherdon Corporation’s top team of designers and manufacturers are also able to specify standards to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector.
Weatherdon Corporation, the preferred supplier to more than 600 hotels in Australia and New Zealand.

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