Travelodge Wake Up Call 1

Travelodge Hotels is launching a novel new service that guarantees its overnight hotel guests will get out of bed and to their early morning flights on time. It’s called the Travelodge Cold Call.

Responding to reports that hotel guests with early flights constantly hit the snooze button or sleep through the hotel reception’s wake-up phone calls, Travelodge will offer a “Refreshingly Simple” wake-up call next month. The Travelodge Cold Call involves a hotel team member delivering a splash of cold water to the face.

A Travelodge Hotel spokesperson said the new measure ensured there was no rolling over and going back to sleep and help guarantee no Travelodge guest would ever miss a morning flight.

“If you have to get up very early, getting out of our comfy beds can be a struggle, particularly in the colder months,” she said.

“We think we have found a solution, and we are looking forward to trialling the Travelodge Cold Call for early risers next month in May.”

Travelodge Wake Up Call 2

In line with the hotel’s Refreshingly Simple philosophy, Travelodge’s customers can request the service when they book a room via phone. It will be available between 4am and 6am weekdays.

“We’ve all been guilty of going back to sleep, even after receiving a wake-up call. What else could be more refreshingly simple when it comes to waking up than a conventional splash of cold water to the face?” said popular Australian comedian and Travelodge’s brand ambassador, Joel Creasey.

The popular comedian was the first Travelodge guest to trial the new cold call service and explained, “I’ve never felt better. Waking up to a splash of cold water has amazing benefits that you just can’t get with a phone call. It de-puffs the eyes, tightens the skin, fights wrinkles plus, it wakes you up for a productive day ahead.”

The Travelodge team will ensure the comfort and safety of guests will remain of utmost importance with specific hotel training. Terms and conditions will apply.

With a down to earth attitude and an honest sense of humour, Travelodge Hotels and services have been redesigned to suit the way we live today. Each of Australia & New Zealand’s 17 Travelodge Hotels is now based on the Refreshingly Simple approach, accommodating traveller’s individual needs.

Oh yeah, happy April Fool’s Day!

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management