Oracle cloud

Leading hotel industry technology supplier Oracle has introduced a cloud services version of its industry-leading suite of hospitality solutions that’s been designed to help hospitality companies personalise all aspects of their engagement with customers while also delivering an excellent guest experience on site.

Oracle says the new offering will personalise and improve the guest experience while making operations more efficient.

The new Oracle Hospitality cloud services enable hotel and casino operators to better manage every aspect of their customer relationships and on-site operations, while simplifying their IT infrastructure and deriving value faster from new innovations.

“To win in the highly competitive hotel industry, hotels need to deliver personalised guest experiences, increase operational efficiency, and effectively manage distribution,” said, Oracle Hospitality Vice President of Product Strategy, Ray Carlin.

“Oracle’s cloud-based solutions bring significant advantages in all these key areas, while at the same time streamlining on-premise IT management and offering enhanced application and data security built in.”

Oracle’s hospitality-focused solutions, combined with its broader product and service offering, are used by hundreds of thousands of operators worldwide to provide superior service and experience to their guests anywhere.

By delivering its full suite of solutions via the Oracle Cloud, Oracle is making it easier for hospitality companies of all sizes to implement new features and business functionality faster and dramatically simplify the IT infrastructure required to deliver a world-class customer experience at hotel and casino properties around the globe.

Oracle OPERA Cloud services build upon Oracle’s commitment to develop cloud-enabled versions of its most powerful applications.

The cloud services streamline and improve most aspects of hospitality management including:

Deliver exceptional guest experiences
With Oracle OPERA Cloud’s comprehensive guest profiling capability, hotels can capture the guest preferences they need to personalise and differentiate the guest experience. Personalised experiences will enhance guest loyalty and drive membership growth in loyalty programs.

Mobile-enable hotel operations
Oracle OPERA Cloud runs on Oracle MICROS tablets and other leading tablets and smart phones to allow hotel personnel greater flexibility to provide guest services anywhere on the property.

Secure enterprise data
Oracle OPERA Cloud runs Oracle’s technology stack from applications to disk, with unprecedented security, high performance and availability.

Maximise occupancy and revenue
Maximise sales with the Oracle Distribution Cloud, an add-on suite of services that allows hotels to effectively manage room rates and allocation of room inventory to various distribution channels.

Integrate food and beverage operations
Oracle OPERA Cloud comes with pre-built integration to Oracle Hospitality Simphony, the leading point-of-sale solution for the food and beverage industries.

Innovate faster
Deliver service innovations, enable easier upgrades and drive business process improvements by simplifying information technology infrastructure.

Integrate with enterprise applications and property infrastructure
Hotels can leverage an extensive partner network and hundreds of pre-built interfaces to back-office applications (accounts receivable accounts payable), payment gateways, hotel industry applications and property infrastructure devices to ease integration.

Hotels can further enhance the customer experience with their guest-facing mobile applications that leverage the web services in Oracle OPERA Cloud to provide key guest services across the travel lifecycle.

“Mobility has become a key competitive differentiator in the hotel industry. With the ability to access information instantly via mobile devices, guests now expect a very personalised mobile-enabled hospitality experience,” said Carlin.

“Oracle OPERA Cloud enables operators to quickly and cost-effectively make that vision a reality.”

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of public cloud services, Oracle Cloud continues to show strong adoption, supporting 62 million users and 23 billion transactions each day.

Oracle Cloud runs on 30,000 devices and 400 petabytes of storage in 19 data centres around the world.

Download the OPERA Cloud resource kit